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Personal  Fitness Trainer, Weight loss, Bridal Boot Camp in Long Island, NY
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Personal Trainer, Fitness and Weight Loss | Long Island, NY

OK, Summer is here and it is time to work on those resolutions. Year in and year out people put off making lifestyle changes. It is simple to start and when guided properly, easy to continue. Even if you miss a little time for whatever reason. Anyone can workout and improve their health at any time. Start a new and make healthier lifestyle choices, you will be glad you did. I come to clients in their home as a personal trainer serving all of Long Island including Nassau County and Suffolk County. Everyone can use a push in the right direction and getting a Personal Trainer is a great way to start to work on your fitness needs.


There are 3500 calories in a pound. Machines that tell you how many calories you burn and labels are basically false. They use 100 year averages that do not apply to the average person anymore. Today a BMI would suggest that Brad Pitt is 15 pounds over weight. No machine can accurately tell you how many calories that you burned without you having many electrodes attached to you, blood being taken and hours going by. It is not simple to make lifestyle changes but it is taking small steps and repeating. It requires being uncomfortable, sweating, getting sore, stretching, eating and doing it even when you do not feel good. 21 days of doing something new is supposed to create a new way of life and even that does not mean it is automatically going to work.


  Get started with someone for your training and fitness needs and keep it up. Good luck!!!If you live in New York, more specifically Long Island, both Nassau and Suffolk, contact a local personal trainer such as myself. I work with a varied clientele. They have included a bridal party, rehab, weight loss, athlete, diet plans, aerobics a boot camp fitness and more.

About me, I am currently in Long Island and certified by ACSM since 2002 and prior certifications have included ACE and Jack LaLanne. Not to mention First Aid, CPR, NYS HS coaching certifications and NCAA Div 1 Track and Field certifications. I try to get others to get the most out of themselves, safely and effectively. I have also coached HS and college sports. Are you an athlete or want to do a boot camp? Looking for weight loss or a pre and post natal trainer or merely want to increase your aerobics? Get a personal trainer. Your fitness will enhance your life. Personal Trainer Welcome to my Personal Fitness Trainer site. I am an In Home, online and in gym Certified Personal Fitness Trainer that serves Long Island both Nassau and Suffolk New York, Queens and Manhattan. Naturally I do also offer workouts at outside locations of your choice. I offer personalized training and general diet plans for an athlete, bridal fitness, pre and post natal, weight loss, injury rehab and much more. I set up diet plans for all fitness levels. If I come to your gym they must allow it and in some instances there is a fee or membership that you will be responsible for. I offer nutrition plans. I have helped clients rehab from injuries, helped an athlete achieve their goals, groups of people do a boot camp and have helped people attain better aerobics and increased fitness. Your personal trainer is your key to your lifestyle changes.

The truth about Personal Trainer certifications and TESTIMONIALS. Certifications are a tool that gets a personal trainer in the door and does not GUARANTEE that a personal trainer is better because of it. I have the GOLD STANDARD CERT in the ACSM. TESTIMONIALS and a personal trainer that guarantee results does not mean that you are getting more or something better. Increased fitness is a very realistic goal to start.


  A testimonial is a marketing tool that can easily be made up. I can write 1000s of them if I wish. There is nothing that I did with or achieved with someone ELSE last year or even 20 years ago that will help YOU. You can help you by getting started and getting a push from a personal trainer that you get along with and fit into each others' schedule. That is it. No guarantee, testimonial or CERT will do the work for you. Only you can. So get started, stop reading and start doing. Every person is capable of doing 30 minutes of some kind of exercise at least 3 times a week to help with fitness and weight loss. By not doing so you risk your health and well being.


  Having goals and plans are not just for an athlete. There is a need for cardiovascular fitness as well as maintaining and improving muscle. Keeping your body fit and ready is not always that easy and getting a personal trainer makes it easier. You may have questions and need someone to keep you on track. THAT IS MY JOB! I take it seriously and try to make it fun and interesting. AT Pal-Fitness Personal Trainer I believe that "your body is my business" Without keeping my clients happy and healthy, I have no business. I enjoy my work and look forward to HEARING FROM YOU. I do in home Personal Training in Long Island, Nassau and Suffolk, Queens and Manhattan. If you do not start with me, start with someone and enjoy :). Your fitness and lifestyle changes depend on you!

Dedicated to Your Health and Fitness Goals!
Personalized Exercise Training and Diet Plans
Whether old, young, healthy, rehab, Pre and post natal, bridal parties, brides, athletes, weight loss or muscle gain I work with them all!!!





Personal  Fitness Trainer, Weight loss, Bridal Boot Camp in Long Island, NY    


Looking for a Long Island personal trainer that comes to you in home? Do you need someone that serves Long Island from Nassau to Suffolk? Are you a bride trying to get a bridal party fit for a wedding? Are you an athlete looking for a personal trainer? Stop looking and start doing. Diet and exercise are lifestyle changes and it is a step by step plan. Do not  be intimidated by money or fear of failed prior attempts to reach your fitness goals, call Pal-Fitness Personal Trainer today. Our dual-certified personal trainer is here to help. Whether your goals are to lose weight, gain muscle, gain stamina, increase flexibility or improve the quality of your life and self-image, Pal-Fitness Personal Trainer does it all.

Personalized, Non-Over bearing Plans
Our personal trainer creates specially formulated diet and exercise plans to ensure your maximum results. From young to old, men, women, children, pre and post natal, bridal party fitness, sedentary lifestyle to an athlete or someone needing to rehab, I work with everyone and cater to specific goals and needs.Various rates available upon request. I personalize the fitness goals, plans and the package to suit your needs. Personal Fitness Trainer serving in home and online clients in Long Island, all of Nassau county and most of Suffolk county, Queens and Manhattan

Long Island Based Personal Trainer
 When starting to workout, increase fitness and get a personal trainer we can feel intimidated and a LITTLE CHICKEN

  The weight of the world can be on your shoulders so having a LITTLE fun with your training will help you conquer it all and I will help.

 You Don't have to worry I can bring the weights  unless you have heavy donuts...To lift that is.

With Pal-Fitness  I can help with bridal fitness, pre and post natal, an athlete, weight loss, personal training, general fitness and more. If you are in Nassau or Suffolk and wish to lose weight, need help with diet plans, rehab from an injury, do a boot camp with friends, increase your aerobics and endurance I do it all.

Personal  Fitness Trainer, Weight loss, Bridal Boot Camp in Long Island, NY Personal  Fitness Trainer, Weight loss, Bridal Boot Camp in Long Island, NY Personal  Fitness Trainer, Weight loss, Bridal Boot Camp in Long Island, NY
Personal  Fitness Trainer, Weight loss, Bridal Boot Camp in Long Island, NY


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Specializing in:

Aerobics and Anaerobic Exercising, Diet Plans, and Nutrition
Cross Training • Pre-Surgery Workouts • Weight Loss
Pre and Postnatal Workouts • General Health
Muscle/Weight Gain • Conditioning • Flexibility
Fitness • Weddings • Sports and fitness 

Personal Training You Can Count On
Our Long Island based in house personal trainer is dedicated to your specific fitness goals and provides friendly and personalized customer service to ensure the best results possible. Feel free to contact our personal trainer to find out more. We proudly serve the Long Island, Nassau, Suffolk, New York, Queens NY, and Manhattan area. Personalized training, diet and fitness goals are a call away at Pal-Fitness. Pal-Fitness Personal Trainer for your fitness needs from Long Island, Nassau and Suffolk to Manhattan. Clients from athletes to brides, weight loss, rehab and more. 516-775-8663.

Personal Fitness Trainer, Weight loss, Bridal Boot Camp, in Long Island, NY

Are you an athlete or a parent of an athlete in New York, Long Island, Nassau, Suffolk, Queens or Manhattan  looking for SPORT specific personal training? Did you go thru rehab from an injury and need to get back on track? Do you need to improve for your sport? Will your sport ability help you to get into college and more? Or are you merely the weekend warrior trying to re-capture the old days with your friends? I can help get you stronger, faster, increase your flexibility and work with you to improve in your sport.  Contact our personal trainer at PalFitness Today for all of your fitness and personal trainer needs.Especially weight loss and muscle gain.

Attention Brides Attention Brides does your wedding have you stressed with all of the planning and who is not RSVP ing, the bridesmaids not liking the dresses, who wants to sit next to who, flowers, caterers, priests, fitting people into their dresses...It can drive you nuts.... I have worked with countless brides that were training up to their weddings as well as working with their Bridal Party. It can help with the stress and get everyone working towards a goal. Of course it helps for attaining THAT LOOK in the dresses that will be seen in pictures for countless years....  Contact our personal trainer at Pal-Fitness Personal Fitness Trainer for all your needs with fitness and training for you and your Bridal Party. I can come to you in home, at work at a gym or even online. My areas include Long Island, all of Nassau county, most of Suffolk county, Queens  and Manhattan. There are parks in Long Island, Queens and Manhattan that are fun to workout in. Several plans are available to have you attain your fitness and personal training goals.

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Personal  Fitness Trainer, Weight loss, Bridal Boot Camp in Long Island, NY

Personal  Fitness Trainer, Weight loss, Bridal Boot Camp in Long Island, NY 


Personal  Fitness Trainer, Weight loss, Bridal Boot Camp in Long Island, NYPersonal  Fitness Trainer, Weight loss, Bridal Boot Camp in Long Island, NY


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Pal-Fitness Personal Trainer for your fitness needs from Long Island to Manhattan.
Clients from athletes to brides, weight loss, rehab and more. Serving Nassau & Suffolk County.


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